Episode 58 – I’m Not Even Wearing A Hat

I’m not going to lie, we’re all over the place this week. Jake and Rich introduce Jeff to some of the many popular uses people find for their webcams – the foremost of which seems to be showing you what their junk looks like up close while a bunch of strangers type Russian at them with the caps lock key turned on. The world is a weird and scary place.

IN SOVEIT RUSSIA, CAPS LOCK YOU! Also - children have unnaturally large grins.

We also briefly explore the idea of traveling across the Atlantic to find a British “sister podcast” – a discussion which quickly devolved into¬† some of the worst British accents you’ve ever heard with your ears. Jeff also brings up the Revolutionary War, which we can all agree is kind of a cheap shot.

Vinnie Jones does not approve of your jokes. He'll tell you that as he stuffs your "bollocks" into a "bin bag" and then enjoys a "packet of crisps" and some "tea".

We also discuss the angle at which Jake needs to sit to be able to poop, some pet peeves, geometry, modernizing Vaudevillian humor, and a bunch of other stuff. Like I said, we were all over the place… kind of like a sea lion with a panda’s face and a woman’s lips drinking a mug of beer while selling you Japanese Cheetos. TALK ABOUT A WACKY THING I JUST DESCRIBED!

Before you judge, please remember that our version of this is a bipedal talking jungle cat wearing sunglasses.

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