Episode 59 – The Bad Movie Olympics: Part Four

Tension is mounting. The surrounding landscape is so quiet that if it were a glass plate, you’d be able to smash it with a brass hammer. As you breathe out, your breath hangs in the air like an icicle at an icicle farm. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, The FIRST ANNUAL TERRIBLE FRIENDS PODCAST BAD MOVIE OLYMPICS is slowly drawing to a close. Who will win? Which movie is the worst? Where can I buy a brass hammer? Most importantly – why do the Bad Movie Olympics have to be over?


Based on a positive response from our fanbase (not to mention the fact that we sort of enjoyed making each other watch really bad movies) we’re probably going to do this again. When? I’m not sure, but I can guarantee you we won’t be taking a bullshit 4 year break like some OTHER Olympics do. So if you liked THE FIRST ANNUAL TERRIBLE FRIENDS PODCAST BAD MOVIE OLYMPICS, our eventual return is good news! If you didn’t like it… why are you reading this? Did you click on a link for something you didn’t like expecting to find cupcakes? You’re a weirdo.

Listen to me drone on like the Bad Movie Olympics are over… THEY ARE NOT OVER! Not only do you have this episode to listen to, but the FINAL episode which we’ll post next week when we finally reveal which movie is the WORST MOVIE EVER.

In the mean time make sure to check us out on facebook & twitter, and stay tuned later this week for another non-Bad Movie Olympics episode. SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE.

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