Episode 6 – The Crawling Hand!


Now that we have THAT out of the way… We apologize for not letting you know sooner. This audio log was recorded in the midst of us thinking we were going to die… and then it turned out that we didn’t. Long story short, we’ve spent the last few weeks doing a marathon life-dance and just being HAPPY. Since then, the reality of our situation has set back in, and with that, the realization that we should let everyone know that we survived… and also post an audio log.

This week we discuss MST3K episode 6 – The Crawling Hand. It’s a movie that isn’t as weird as the last few, but luckily it stars Alan Hale Jr. AKA “The Skipper” from Gilligan’s Island, which MORE than makes up for the lack of strangeness. Other topics include: The Harlem Globetrotters, Murderball, Nerf Robots, and a whole bunch of other great stuff.

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Thanks for listening!

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