Episode 60 – Attack of the Giant Leeches!

This week, Dr. Odd gets a visitor. I think I’ll leave it at that and just let you experience it on your own, because it’s very wonderful.

We also discuss MST3K S4E6 – Attack of the Giant Leeches, a movie with visuals reminiscent of the old Lucas Arts game “Day of the Tentacle” and the aesthetic of the parts of the old Lucas Arts game “Day of the Tentacle” where you couldn’t figure out what to do next and it was 4 am and your best friend’s basement smelled like farts. It’s an interesting film in that it manages to exist without a single likeable character, but was also a monster movie where the “monsters” were so devoid of personality, you couldn’t root for them either. Luckily it was preceded by a rather delightful short, and Joel and theĀ  Bots’ riffing of the film was spot on.

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Thanks for listening!

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