Episode 60 – My Son Has A Terrible Friend

We’ve learned a lot about the Internet since we started this podcast.  We’ve discovered websites about Cuddle Parties, watched pterodactyl porn videos, and a website condemning Pinatas.  Like all responsible website admins, we monitor how people find our website with Google Analytics.  Jeff brought a few interesting keywords to light that people have typed into Google and ended up at our website.  This include pterodactyl porn, bad friends podcast, gooey snatch, cuddle party boner, poking pony, and your a terrible friend (yes it was misspelled).

We also came up with the great idea to put together a collection of popular songs from the past few decades performed by the B-52’s.  Jeff gave us a preview with songs like “Going the Distance” by Cake, “Basketcase” by Green Day, and of course “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga.

Oh and Jake and Rich impress Jeff with their awesome Foley skills.

Jeff actually does look like the guy with the sunglasses who sing/yells.

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  1. This was a pretty good episode!

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