Episode 62 – He Was A Delicious Egg

It’s that time of year when we gather our loved ones, snuggle around the fire, count our blessings, and have frank and candid discussions about The Human Centipede. Even though our Holiday Mega Episode doesn’t drop until next week, we still manage to get in the spirit of the season with all sorts of fun stuff. Jeff helps us out by simulating your “Life After Thanksgiving” which turns out to be pretty accurate.

Pictured: Your Life After Thanksgiving. Not Pictured: Holiday Pop Songs.

We also reminisce about this past Thanksgiving holiday where one of Jake’s friends, in what could only be described as a BOLD yet very baffling display of… something… called Jeff a VERY BAD and contextually confusing word during a game of Drunken UNO. He also managed to do it in the form of a question. Jake has weird friends.

Well... you're close... You know what? Let's just call it good before anyone gets mad.

Lots of other stuff happens too – including a visit from the Drunk Baby who stops by to sing us the “Bed Intruder Song” – and we re-imagine some classic nursery rhymes as modern shock-horror movies.

Yeah... Kind of like that, but with more cannibalism.

Give it a listen, and stop by next week for our Holiday Mega Episode!

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