Episode 65 – Ctrl-Alt-Drunk

This week Jake had to go up into the mountains to fight a tiger using nothing but some wishes and gun, so Seth Macy from the F-List podcast took some time off from watching bad movies and fortifying his island against T-Rex attacks to fill the empty seat. Guess what? There were some CRAZY HIJINKS! .

Not pictured: Crazy Hijinks

This episode, the sarsaparilla flows like sarsaparilla as our hosts talk about what happens when you put your foot in the spokes of a bicycle. And what happens when you put a wooden stick in the spokes of your bicycle. And what kind of sad buildings we used to ride bicycles around while putting things in their spokes.

A very rare picture of the Seth, Jeff, and Rich as youths before a long day of misunderstanding physics and flying over the handles of their bicycles. Can you tell who is who? IT'S SO WEIRD TO LOOK AT OLD PICTURES OF YOURSELF!

In between bathroom brakes we play some pretty songs on the slide whistle while conceptualizing a new bar experience called “Ctrl-Alt-Drunk”. I understand how INSANE the preceding sentence sounds. If you don’t think about it too hard, then you’ll be ok. Just take a shot of Ctrl-Z, and try not to think about why it tastes like iron as you ride that smooth, smooth wave all the way to the end. Ahhhh – refreshing.

If you end up running into this guy at some point, don't worry. He's with us.

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