Episode 66 – S-Box

10,000 years ago, ancient man gazed up at the night sky and arbitrarily decided that some of the pretty lights there sort of looked like some random magical stuff. Fast forward until MODERN TIMES where now the magical sky stuff dictates our past, present, future, mood, social interactions, luck, and favorite foods.

Hey. Those six random stars look like a scale. You'll have to trust me on this. It also means stuff. And things.

Except now it turns out that our earth moved a little bit… and all of the sky shapes that we thought dictated our lives were actually the wrong sky shapes… and now WE’VE ALL BEEN LEADING OUR LIVES BELIEVING IN A DIFFERENT SKY MAGIC THAT WAS THE WRONG SKY MAGIC. EVERYBODY FREAK THE FUCK OUT! Luckily the Terrible Friends Podcast was here to set everybody straight and help out by coming up with a bevy of our own equally pointless, equally stupid, but somehow WAAAY more awesome new Zodiac symbols. Like “Pegapotomus” “Kevin” “Hat” and “Insemino, The Artificial Artificial Insemination Eagle”.

Visible all year round.

We also talk about S-Boxes and Bacon Explosions and Antiques Roadshow and a bunch of other things that will make your brain have an explosion. Did I mention that Seth Macy from the F-List Podcast is our special guest again? Well he is AND NOW YOUR BRAIN DEFINITELY JUST HAD AN EXPLOSION. OH YEAH.

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