Episode 7 – The Robot Monster!

Whoa there! Things are out of control this week! We’re still stuck in space (of course) and we try our hand at brewing some fancy adult beverages… then everything kind of goes downhill from there. Not necessarily in a bad way, just in a weird one. Oh! And wait until you meet this week’s special visitor. This really is an audio logĀ  for the record books.

We also talk about Mystery Science Theater 3000: Episode 7 – The Robot Monster, an episode in which Joel and the bots watch a film so bad that upon it’s release, the director tried to kill himself (we assume out of embarrassment). There are also TWO (2!) Commando Cody shorts this episode, which make things extra bad.

Extra double SUPER THANKS to this week’s guest star, the fantastic Mr. Justin McElroy – host of the AMAZING comedy advice podcast My Brother My Brother and Me, the equally great video game podcast Besties! and managing editor at Polygon.com, the internet’s newest and greatest games website. If you enjoy things that are both intelligently hilarious and incredibly well made, you owe it to yourselves to check out Justin’s work. Here are the links again in case your religion prohibits re-reading blogs:

My Brother My Brother and Me



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