Episode 71 – 101.4 TRBL FM

Sometimes we sit in front of our sound-capture robot and have pleasant conversations. Sometimes we yell at each other – which makes the robot sad. Every once in a while though we do something so magical that it makes our robot’s happiness circuits fry and we have to chase it around the house with baseball bats and rope until it calms the FUCK down. This is one of those episodes.

Calm the fuck down, robot. Don't make me tell you again.

We talk about some weird jobs we’ve had, and why you should never EVER work in retail. Jake tells us about the time a sweaty fat lady with a beard gave him a nickname when he was working at the movie theater behind the Dairy King roof in his back yard. Or something like that. Jake’s childhood is a confusing time.

Jake's childhood. As re-created by Jeff - who was only half listening.

Now close your eyes and imagine if we were on the radio, and what awesome call-signs and commercials we would have and how quickly we would get shut down by the FCC. Now that you’re as excited as our robot, open your eyes and realize that WE ALREADY DID THAT and you can just listen to it instead of continuing to think about it. Spoiler alert: our radio stuff turned out to be better than anything you’ll actually hear on the REAL RADIO (which wasn’t hard).

Aside from making up letters of the alpabet, these are also some things that Jake shouts while he role plays as a country western music DJ.

Once you’ve calmed back down (don’t make us use the robot baseball bats on you), head over to our facebook page and “like” us, or follow us on twitter. You can also check all three of us out on this week’s episode of the F-List podcast, where we get rowdy and talk about the movie Spice World – which IS as amazing as it sounds.

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