Episode 72 – I Have Automobilings For You

So it’s the day after valentine’s day, and you’re in trouble because you forgot to get that special someone something special to celebrate your mutual love and affection. Don’t worry bro (or ladyBro)! We’ve got your back!

Fig 1: Lady Bro

Hidden within this thing that looks like a podcast is a PLETHORA of awesome valentines day wishes that couldn’t possibly cause your significat other to hate you more. Not to mention it’s not quite as creepy as your “Plan A” idea for the thing you were going to get the cute girl you have a crush on at work.

Fundies! Fun Fact: Not fun.

We also talk about times we got in trouble as youths, as well as do a bunch of really terrible impressions. Jake doesn’t know if Bill Cosby is dead, BUT WE ANSWER THAT QUESTION.  Take it for a ride folks, just put the keys back on the hook when you’re done.

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