Episode 73 – I Want a Volcano!

I have a great idea for a restaurant.

Take the idea of a Japanese steakhouse, where they yell at you in broken English and try to throw shrimp across the table into your open mouth, but it’s a fat Okie (Oklahoman) with a trucker hat on and a beer in his hand cooking hot dogs and hamburgers over a gas grill. ¬†Instead of yelling at you in Japanese he’s slurring and mumbling and out of breath in a way that sounds like he’s only using vowels. ¬†All you have to do at this point is blare some Toby Keith putting a boot in their ass it’s the American way shit on and you’ll sell a lot of hot dogs.


And for your previewing enjoyment, head over to our facebook page to check out the hard copy of Jeff and his friend’s high school band cookbook recipe for BBQ Cock. It’s as delicious as it sounds!

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