Episode 76 – An Envelope Full of Pennies

Hey kids! Let’s break open the Ed Hardy champagne and get down to business. Mmmmmm taste that? It tastes like white sadness. And so many roses.

And a tiger!

This week we’re joined by our friend Nolan Fabricius from the hilarious blog/webcomic ShiftlessHoboColdWar.com.¬† We talk about¬† the pleasant aural quality of the recorder, accidentally¬† arguing your way out of sex because you’re defending Oasis, and how Jake’s girlfriend just got a paper shredder and is busy shredding every piece of paper that they collectively own.

Jake is actually in this picture somewhere. Can YOU find him?

We also discuss a website for a business that just opened down the street from Jake called SickAndTwistedScarcasm.com They’re apparently a t-shirt company based around selling you badly designed t-shirts with typos on them. We also found out that they’re a division of 12:12 Productions, a “design” company which offers services which include but ARE NOT limited to:

*Fucking up your website with animated .gifs

*Making your shitty metal album sound shitty

*Bad logos

*Using Photoshop 7 to put gradients on everything

We’re thinking of paying them to design our new website.

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