Episode 77 – Clown Town

Q: How many topics can you cram into one amazing podcast. A: THIS MANY!! (I know you can’t see me, but my arms are spread really wide right now. You’ll just have to trust, dawg).

We’re joined once again by Nolan Fabricius from ShiftlessHoboColdWar.com to talk about all sorts of neat stuff. Like Ice Cube… Noodling… Throwing Batteries at Gondolas… Being a NARC… You know – the same stuff you just sit around and talk about every day with YOUR friends. We also talk about movie posters. Particularly, this one:

Of course it means what you think it means.

Here’s a fun game! Think real hard about your absolute FAVORITE fictional or cartoon character from your childhood. Now head over to google and do an image search for “<insert favorite innocent memory> Rule 34”. Now spend the rest of the afternoon crying and trying to scrub those images from your brain with a hammer and some Ed Hardy champagne! That’s what we did! And when that doesn’t work, just content yourself to listen to us make some more jokes about the “Juggalo Nation” which is apparently something that exists and whose existence should make you feel deeply, deeply saddened.

One nation, under greasepaint. With liberty and Faygo for all.

Now dry those tears, you sad sack, and head over to our facebook page and become part of the Terrible Friends Nation (not a thing yet, but here’s hoping). You can also follow us on twitter, and leave us a review on iTunes.

By the way – you look really great in that red shirt… One day, when we’re telling our kids about this, we’ll just look back on it and have ourselves a good laugh. Oh, and THANKS FOR LISTENING!

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