Episode 80 – Let’s Talk About A Parade!

Who doesn’t love a parade? Members of a community gathering to watch their attention-starved friends and neighbors dress up in silly costumes and walk down the street next to gigantic service vehicles which apparently have nothing better to do than drive down a crowded street at 3mph flanked on all sides by clowns.

Not exactly what I had in mind, but actually fits the description surprisingly well. Let's just go with it.

Just like a child, Jake went to a parade and now it’s ALL HE WANTS TO TALK ABOUT. Luckily, just like neglectful parents, we ignore him and do our best to change the subject to other more interesting things. He was upset for a while, but I’m sure he’ll turn out just fine.

Nobody ever wanted to hear about my time at the parade WELL GUESS WHAT? THEY'RE LISTENING NOW, MOMMY!

We also expand on “3-9-1 Syndrome”, a topic previously introduced by Anthony Gallegos from The Gamespy Debriefings (a fantastic video game podcast if I’ve ever heard one). Then we talk about some stuff. And things. Like usual, listening to the Terrible Friends podcast is like trying to ride a wild stallion made out of lightning, but with your ears. Charlie Sheen wishes he could win like us. Greyhound blood!

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