Episode 90 – Rhymes With Dreamin’

Ahoy there and welcome aboard our podcast boat of love! Snacks will be served at 11, but make sure to wait 30 minutes after eating if you’re planning on jumping overboard. Also as an aside, it’s only taken 90 episodes for me to run out of ways to start a blog. Avast!

An artist's rendering of our podcast as a ship.

This week we’re joined by our friend Brett Jensen from The Last Mayor of Brooklyn with the intention of talking about normal, human things… Then Jake starts out the podcast wanting to talk about babies. HIS babies. It just goes downhill from there. So lock the hobo in the dumpster, jump in your hot air balloon and remind Bob Vila to watch out for Batman! It’s time for a PODCAST.

Bob Vila Fact Of The Day: Bob Vila is not dead.

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