Episode 92 – I’m Not Puttin’ This In My Book

Many a wise man has been quoted saying “The Ears are the mouth of  the Brain.” If that’s the case, then this podcast is a delicious footlong family-sized bucket of classic recipe of awesome which is making your ears salivate with anticipation. Enough waiting. Let’s chow down.

In this very special episode we discuss sandwich shops, small town living, land barons, and the surprisingly large internet community that exists solely in support of the idea of marrying your cousin. Yes. You read that sentence correctly.

Hey now. Don't knock it 'till you've tried it. My cousinwife, our monster babies and I have never been happier.

We invite you to enjoy this healthy helping of podcast! If your brain is still hungry after the main course, head over to our iTunes page and check out out entire backlog of episodes that we recently made available. If you’re feeling extra awesome, write us a review while you’re there! You’re the best!

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