Episode 93 – Poop Jackson’s Treehouse

Our good friend Mike is back this week, and we’re so excited we just can’t fucking stand it.  We discuss how much Mike really wants there to be a new Outkast album, how Jeff would probably be attractive as a girl (and Jake most definitely would not be), Internet chat rooms that Jeff terrorized as a teenager, and the shenanigans of Mike’s childhood friend Poop Jackson.  Oh and Jake tells a story about a gross creepy shower that he and his friends used to shower in when they were little.  Depending on which of the Terrible Friends you ask, this either isn’t as bad as it sounds, or is way worse than it sounds.  Oh and be sure you listen all the way to the very end of the podcast for a special song that Mike sings for us.



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  1. Found a link to your podcast on the Earwolf site and I’ve been enjoying the fuck out of these shows.

    • Thanks! Glad you’re enjoying them – make sure to spread the word if you can!

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