Episode 94 – El Creepo

Apparently when Jake was growing up he was some sort of metaphysical magnet for REALLY REALLY WEIRD STUFF. I mean this stuff just… happened… to him – and being the tough little guy he was, he repressed those memories, and just went on livin’ like only Jake can go on livin’. Fast forward about 20 years, and now he has his own podcast which allows him to regularly drop super-fucked-up truth bombs on us. Last week’s memory was about some sort of basement dungeon shower, and this week it’s about everyone sobbing with joy at a church camp. Let me be the first to tell you, you’re in for a treat.

Other topics covered include, foot fungus, talent shows, Japanese Bug Fights, and Jake beating a kid with a belt for the amusement of his councilors at a 4-H camp. Yes. You read that correctly. THIS WEEK IS CRAZY! LISTEN NOW!

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