Episode 96 – Amish Friendship Bread

Remember when we had the amazing Matt Clark as a guest on our podcast? Do you also remember how when all was said and done, we ended up with enough great stuff that we had to split it into two episodes to keep you from OVERDOSING ON AMAZING? I do! Matt Clark is back in what I’m privately referring to as “Matt Clark Part II: Matt Clark Strikes Back”.

Which, by the way, planted the seeds of THIS idea. I’m not going to write any more this week, because frankly, nothing else can compare to the picture you’re about to see. ENJOY.


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  1. I’ve given it more thought than is probably healthy and if I could be any video game character it would be a toss up between Alex Kidd (giant fucking fist y’all) or Kazooie, erstwhile companion of Banjo. Who wouldn’t want to ride a bear all day? Jake must have some experience in that.

    Another top quality show chaps. Matt Clark adds an element to the show….talent. I jest of course.

    I owe you a big thankyou, the archives of TFP, F List and the Old School Wrestling podcast kept me sane through a long driving holiday in France.

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