Episode 97 – Here’s the Atom Smasher

Jake is out this week, but Seth from the F-List Movie Podcast steps up to fill the Jake’s gigantic size-10,000 Frankenstein fungus shoes.  This is kind of a free-form episode – even for us – so hold on as we cast a net and dredge Google image search for whatever subjects pop into our heads. Sure the internet is a terrible, terrible place, but it can also contain small treasures like this:

Jeff Goldblum AKA El Jefe AKA "The Chaos Theory of People".

Rich also tells us about his experience in a place called “Tool Zone” – which sounds like it could be either:

A) The term a linguistically prude, yet spurned ex-girlfriend uses to describe her former BF’s “special place”

B) Most college bars after 11pm

C) Surely not an actual store

As we approach Episode 100, stay tuned here and on our facebook page. We’ll be doing some awesome stuff!  In the interim, enjoy our newest episode!


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  1. 1948!?!?!?

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