Episode 98 – Support This!

Hey, you know what?  We’ve almost done this podcast 100 times!  That’s actually pretty crazy when you think about it.  Our special 100th episode is just a few weeks away, so get super-mega-fantastically excited!  Your grandmother will be very disappointed if you don’t.  And you don’t want to make Nana disappointed now do you?

Speaking of grandmothers, this week Jake tells us all about his recent trip to North Dakota (where he went to see his grandmother) and some of the interesting things he saw during his trip.  These include a South Dakotan view on support ribbons:

Fuck you, worthy causes that help people worldwide!


A food establishment that features pizza, chicken, greasy fat guys, screaming kids, and confusing marketing:

Ranches don't have fucking covered wagons.


And a light switch that only someone’s grandpa would have in his basement.



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