Episode 99.5 – Just The Tip

We’ve almost reached 100 episodes, and you know what that means? IT’S TIME FOR AN EXTRA BONUS SPECIAL EPISODE!!!!

Try to contain your excitement.

Each of our episodes (well, almost all of them) start out with a very special intro – something great from our recording session which we give to you, our listeners as kind of a “comedy appetizer” before you gorge yourselves on the main course of laughter. I know what you’re thinking right? “I wish there was an episode that consisted of NOTHING BUT INTROS.” Well guess what? Now there is! Ladies and gentlemen, it is our pleasure to present to you a very special episode of the Terrible Friends Podcast, Episode 99.5 – Just The Tip.

It's fun!


Don’t forget, we’re also on Facebook, and Twitter, and LOVE it when you give us reviews on iTunes. Enjoy the bonus episode, and get ready for Episode 100, coming later this week!!!

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