Existential Parachute Pants: A 90′s Pop Culture Podcast

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Hey Smiley Strange

Posted by on Mar 2, 2015 in Existential Parachute Pants | 0 comments


(Note: This is post three of four of my traveling pre-scheduled posts. Enjoy, if it posted properly.)

These pre-made posts, which are like making dinners in advance and then just heating them up when the time comes, has basically become a litany of my hobby horses for this blog. Which, you know, to be fair I don’t really have the usual research time I have generally speaking. And by “research time” I mean “poking around Wikipedia time.” Anyway, here is a concert done by Polaris, the band from Adventures of Pete and Pete, posted on the YouTube channel of Mark Mulcahy, of Polaris and Miracle Legion. Their music is actually quite good: http://youtu.be/dNK_ZQeLmIM


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Groening On Prom Night

Posted by on Mar 1, 2015 in Existential Parachute Pants | 0 comments


(Note: This is post two of my pre-scheduled posts for whilst I travel. Enjoy it in all its brevity.)

Here’s a little thing about the creation of Futurama. I’m having trouble with the whole embedding thing, and it’s a poor day for that because I am doing all my pre-scheduled posts on this one day. So, just click this link: http://youtu.be/pmkYYJboTPM

And here’s Matt Groening on David Letterman, but back in 1989: http://youtu.be/bSpFPM92goU


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On The Road Again

Posted by on Feb 28, 2015 in Existential Parachute Pants | 0 comments


(Note: This is the first of four posts that I have scheduled to auto-publish while I am traveling. So, if you are reading this, all is well. I didn’t want to stop publishing whilst I traveled, to try and keep the whole consecutive posts thing going. Trying to get up to two straight years, and I don’t have any real reason why. I’m Edmund Hillary all up in this piece! Also, these posts are going to be short and to the point.)

I’ve posted many a GIF of Salem, the weird puppet cat from Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. However, in truth, I had never watched him in action. Now, I have. It’s even weirder and more off putting than I had ever imagined. He’s like an animatronic thing. It’s alarming, yet beautiful. And I couldn’t get it to embed.



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Existential Parachute Pants: A 90′s Pop Culture Podcast – Episode 84: The Weird Al Show

Posted by on Feb 27, 2015 in Existential Parachute Pants | 0 comments


Weird Al. He’s a musician. He’s an author. He made a movie once. He put a bunch of musical videos on the internet. However, once upon a time, he had a televisual program for children. It was called The Weird Al Show. It has no connection to Al TV, his other television program. Did two adult men enjoy a show that was, ostensibly for youths? Wouldn’t you like to know!

Richard; links later………..links now.

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The theme song remains “Her Favorite Bra” by Dan Emery Mystery Band. It probably isn’t as good as The Weird Al Show’s theme, but that’s OK. Thanks for listening. We’re handing things over to Corky for a little while.

I Won’t Be There For You

Posted by on Feb 26, 2015 in Existential Parachute Pants | 0 comments


Parks and Recreation ended its run. It was a great show. I loved it. I am in love with it. The series finale was great. When people discuss Parks and Rec, they often discuss its positivity. It’s a warm show, inasmuch as it has been heated up in a microwave briefly. Also, because people are nice and succeed and love each other and so on. Which is cool. I also like, you know, more biting and ironic and detached stuff. I love Seinfeld and such. But, as we mentioned in our podcast about Friends, I don’t really like Friends. There are a few reasons for that, and I go into them in the podcast. However, when I was thinking about Parks and Rec, and the general outlook of shows, I realized what is probably the major difference between Seinfeld and Friends.

In short, Friends doesn’t have the courage of its convictions. The Friends gang aren’t really all that different than the Seinfeld gang. They aren’t likeable people. And yet, the show tries to make you care about them. Chandler and Monica get married. Ross and Rachel and et cetera. But I don’t really care about any of this stuff. Not with these characters.

Seinfeld is like “Look at these jerks. Look at the goofy things they do, and look at the comeuppance they get.” Seinfeld is no hugging, no learning. Friends is hugging, no learning. Seinfeld had the audacity to build a sitcom around people who they were upfront about their unlikeability. Friends didn’t. Friends suffers as a result. They try to work in a lukewarm middle that doesn’t work for me. Plus, all the poor performances and weird staging and awkward timing and so on. Like I said, we discuss it in our podcast episode.


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Drop The Zero

Posted by on Feb 25, 2015 in Existential Parachute Pants | 0 comments


I just saw Cool as Ice for the first time. You know, the Vanilla Ice movie. It is so bad. It is, to put it as delicately as this movie deserves, fucking atrocious. It is staggering, one of the worst movies I have ever seen. And not even bad in a funny way, at least half the time. Half the time it is funny in a bad way, half the time it is unbearable. Vanilla Ice is terrible. Everybody is terrible. Even the ostensibly talented people. Michael Gross isn’t a bad actor. Candy Clark won an Oscar!

Vanilla Ice’s character, who should in truth just be called Vanilla Ice but is instead called Johnny Van Owen, wears a jacket that has words all over it. It’s an awful jacket. On one of the sleeves I saw the words “sex me” over and over. Now, I presume that it read in total “sex me up,” like the Color Me Badd song. However, I don’t remember seeing the word “up” at any point. It was probably just a matter of jacket folds. Still, I’d like to believe that it just read “sex me,” and he wanted somebody to do what they do with newborn chicks, where they check him to see which gender he is. I wish some farmer had come by and flipped him over and then was like, “Yep, you’re a dude,” and Vanilla Ice was all like “Cool, thanks. I can take this off my jacket now.”

His hairdo is the dumbest mother flippin’ thing I have ever seen.


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Vampire VJs

Posted by on Feb 24, 2015 in Existential Parachute Pants | 0 comments


I was trying to remember something simple, yet of vital importance; who was the blonde lady on MTV News? The first name to pop to mind was Tabitha Soren, but it was not Tabitha Soren. Did you know she is married to the writer Michael Lewis? Fortunately, MTV VJs are cataloged very well on Wikipedia. Wikipedia is enthused about MTV VJs. When I looked over the names, she popped out to me. Serena Altschul.

How could I forget a name that idiosyncratic? In recent years, she’s worked on CNN and CBS or whatever. It’s all good. She also played herself in Josie and the Pussycats, which is probably what put her in my mind. She also, apparently, played herself in Queen of the Damned. Which is weird, because isn’t that a movie about vampires? Why would she be in that as herself? Marguerite Moreau is in that movie too. She was Connie in the Mighty Duck movies.

Altschul also played herself on the song “Dope Man” by Jay-Z, which is funny to me. The idea of somebody, who isn’t a musician, appearing as themselves on a song is amusing. Like Brak on the Danger DOOM album.


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Teach Me How To Doogie

Posted by on Feb 23, 2015 in Existential Parachute Pants | 0 comments


Neil Patrick Harris hosted the Oscars last night. He was fine, the best host in a few years. He didn’t order a pizza or take a selfie. He did do some magic. However, many moons ago, he was the titular star of Doogie Howser, M.D. Doogie Howser is a hilarious name, and also a show about a kid who is a doctor. What I’m here to presuppose is, what about the opposite?

Why not a show about an adult who is, you know, in junior high or whatever. And not like Billy Madison. Never like Billy Madison. Moderation in all things. No Billy Madison in all things. I mean, if a kid doctor can ride juxtaposition to success, why couldn’t the opposite of that? It could. It would.

NPH also played Doogie Howser in an episode of Roseanne.


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Everybody Do The Dinosaur

Posted by on Feb 22, 2015 in Existential Parachute Pants | 0 comments


I just watched the Super Mario Bros. movie. Now, I can explain. It is offered for streaming through RiffTrax, so I watched it with the soothing jokes of Bill Corbett, Mike Nelson, and Kevin Murphy. However, the movie is even worse than I remembered. To be fair, I didn’t really remember it at all. I had seen it once, at it was at least 20 years ago, when I was but a little boy who wanted to be a big boy. I had only fleeting memories of watching it. Now, I have a vivid memory of watching it, and it will haunt me for the rest of my days.

I will say Bob Hoskins managed to not be terrible. He’s alright in it. Everybody, though, is bad more or less. Even Fisher Stevens! He’d bounce back, though. He made Hackers.

I also noticed when reading through the cast that I had apparently been in Richard Edson’s Wikipedia page already. I had checked him out because he was in Adventures of Pete & Pete. He played the janitor in the pilot episode who is in love with Ms. Fingerwood. He also was the original drummer for Sonic Youth.

Oh, and the little Bob-Omb had Reeboks on.


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Existential Parachute Pants: A 90′s Pop Culture Podcast – Episode 83: Star Wars Special Edition

Posted by on Feb 21, 2015 in Existential Parachute Pants | 0 comments


This week’s episode has more CGI in it than it used to, as we were joined by Joseph Scrimshaw to discuss the Star Wars Special Edition releases from 1997. Were the movies made better? Were they made worse? How did we manage to shoehorn in The Simpsons this week?

The audio on this episode may be a bit off here and there. We also had audio issues when we discussed Phantom Menace, so maybe we should just eschew talking Star Wars from here on out. Without getting into any detail, the issue wasn’t on our end, but it is what it is.

Thanks to Joseph for joining us. You can find him on Twitter at @JosephScrimshaw. Did I mention Twitter? You bet! Links!

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The theme song remains “Her Favorite Bra” by Dan Emery Mystery Band. Thanks for listening. We know you could be listening to Sy Snoodles instead.