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A Dude Abides

Posted by on Apr 24, 2014 in Existential Parachute Pants | 0 comments


Yesterday, I wrote about Fargo, inspired by the new miniseries. In that post, I briefly tossed out the idea of a miniseries inspired by The Big Lebowski. Then, I thought about it some more, and I realized that is a great idea. That should happen. It’s a great idea.

Yes, The Big Lebowski is a cult classic, which is both a positive and a negative vis a vis creation of a new miniseries. It has a built in audience, but an audience that is probably going to be very demanding. However, it only really has to be inspired by Lebowski. That’s fairly simple, and brimming with potential.

The Fargo show takes place in Minnesota during winter and there is a smart lady cop and some murder and a haggard husband and so on. It’s just in the flavor of the movie, in terms of setting and humor. That would be even easier to do with The Big Lebowski.

At its heart, Lebowski is just a shaggy dog comedic private eye story, about an unconventional Brother Seamus, set in Los Angeles. It isn’t all that different than some other private eye stories, such as a Zero Effect or The Long Goodbye, or so on. You aren’t going to recreate The Dude, or even Walter, but you can create vaguely similar characters. A stoner slacker who finds himself pulled into a web of lies. Some nihlists, some folks in porn, and an uptight veteran. That has all the pieces you need for a TV show. Plus, the movie lends the show to having a narrator, which helps.

You can’t recreate the quality of the movie. The actors are amazing, the script is fantastic, and you aren’t going to get that kind of cinematography, all told. You can, however, get a really good show, I think. Like Terriers, but funnier and shaggier and with more reefer. Also, hopefully with more ratings.


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Sometimes These Titles Aren’t Very Well Constructed

Posted by on Apr 23, 2014 in Existential Parachute Pants | 0 comments


Another short post today, due to time based commitments and such. There is a new TV show on FX based loosely on the Coen Bros. movie Fargo. Have I written about this movie before? I’m getting the feeling I’ve written about it before. That was bound to happen eventually, right? I hope it isn’t happening. Let it never happen. I know I’ve written about the Coen Bros. before, because they are my favorite filmmakers. But was it Fargo? Was it something else? It probably wasn’t Miller’s Crossing. That’s also a very good movie, but I doubt I wrote about it. It may have been The Big Lebowski, which is my favorite of all Coen Bros. films, because I am one of those people.

Anyway, my point is that Fargo is a great movie, and it should be watched by people. Frances McDormand is fantastic in it. She won a deserved Oscar, even if I don’t know offhand who she beat. Steve Buscemi is good as usual. I did a presentation about this movie in a film class once. We talked about the whole “Minnesota Nice” thing and how it plays into the humor and such. I think we maybe got a “B” on it? I got an “A” in that class, though, so it’s all good.

So, in conclusion, watch Fargo. Also, The Big Lebowski. And it is kind of odd this Fargo miniseries is being aired over the summer, because it is so inherently wintery. A Big Lebowski miniseries? Now that’s some summer fun. And plausible too!


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The Greatest Moment in the History of Professional Wrestling

Posted by on Apr 22, 2014 in Existential Parachute Pants | 0 comments


I was very glad to find out that this happened in the 1990′s, because it is my favorite thing ever to happen in pro wrestling. I talked about it in our WWF podcast, when I wasn’t offered up praise for Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, who also gave me some fond memories. I don’t want to tip my hat too much, so here it is, presented with no more fanfare. I hope you enjoy. I know I did. I know I always will.


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Bun E. Brodie

Posted by on Apr 21, 2014 in Existential Parachute Pants | 0 comments


Easter was yesterday, but I did not write about it because I was too busy being creeped out by the Mighty Ducks cartoon. Also, this blog service does not recognize creeped as a word, which is world class garbage. Easter isn’t that big in pop culture. It isn’t as easily secularized as Christmas, and also the Easter Bunny is a pale imitation of Santa Claus. Only one dude sells Coca-Cola.

Anyway, I decided to look up Easter in film, because there is a Wikipedia page for that. Apparently, both Mallrats and Clerks take place over Easter weekend. I did not know that. I’ve seen both movies, but that particular detail has left my mind. Mostly because I haven’t seen either of them in a while. Because I think Kevin Smith is a bad film maker.

I know he is beloved. I know he is a cult hero. I know he likes comic books. I just have not liked any of his movies. He makes poor casting choices. His dialogue bugs me. I don’t think he’s funny. His films are too shaggy. They are crass for crassness’ sake. I feel like they appeal, primarily, to teenaged boys, and I am not a teenaged boy. I was once, and even then I didn’t really like these movies. I did appreciate the reference to the Hartford Whalers in Mallrats, though. Long live the Whale.


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Ian Ziering, You Monster

Posted by on Apr 20, 2014 in Existential Parachute Pants | 0 comments


With the NHL and NBA playoffs going on, and with my desire to watch them, I planned to throw something quick up on the blog. I was just going to toss up a video from YouTube from the Mighty Ducks animated series. Yeah, that’s right, there was an animated Mighty Ducks show in the mid-90′s. I think they were aliens or something. By which I mean, the humanoid ducks on the show. This had nothing to do with hockey or plucky kids or Fulton Reed. Just some fairly mighty duck-like creatures.

However, I had never seen the show before, so when I saw the animated, I didn’t realize what a nightmare it is. Real unpleasant stuff. I’m not going to subject you to that. I will, however, tell you that apparently Ian Ziering was one of the main members of the voice case, and also folks like Jim Belushi, Tim Curry, and Dennis Franz lent their voices. Plus Frank Welker, because it is an animated show, which means he had to have his hand in it.

Do not watch Mighty Ducks, the animated program. Even though it seems like every episode is up on YouTube in their entirety, and I imagine nobody at Disney gives one iota of a shit.


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Existential Parachute Pants: A 90′s Pop Culture Podcast – Episode 39: Nicktoons

Posted by on Apr 19, 2014 in Existential Parachute Pants | 0 comments


It’s a potpourri of 90′s Nicktoons, minus Ren and Stimpy, because we discussed that already. We’ve got your Doug, your Rugrats, your Rocko’s Modern Life, and some others. What else needs to be said? I genuinely can’t think of anything!


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Twitter: @Existential Pant, @ChrisXMorgan, @SethMacy Feel free to follow any or all of those accounts.

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Listen, enjoy, and experience firsthand Seth’s introduction to the music of The Beets.

Golden Riot Grrrls

Posted by on Apr 18, 2014 in Existential Parachute Pants | 0 comments


I already tweeted about this twice, so I feel like I may be beating this into the ground, but all I’m saying is that Golden Riot Grrrls should be a thing. It combines two things that started in the 90′s: The TV show The Golden Girls, and the riot grrrl musical movement. Now, it is time for a sitcom about aging riot grrrls living together.

The problem is that even founding riot grrrls are a bit too young to fall into that “Golden Girls” range. Kathleen Hanna and Allison Wolfe are only in their mid-40′s, after all. Maybe we’ve got to sit on this idea for 20 years? But still, a bunch of old riot grrrl types, maybe even an old band, living together in a retirement community? That’s gold. That’s golden. These are golden girls, man. Although, the only one of the G-Girls who really fits into that riot grrrl ethos is… Blanche? That’s the Bea Arthur one, right? Look, I’ll be honest, I’ve never watched The Golden Girls. Also, I’ve never really listened to much of Bratmobile or Bikini Kill or any of those bands. I’m just a man with a dream. A dream to turn a goofy portmanteau I thought of into a stupid reality. Let’s do this, America. People love Carrie Brownstein. There is a market for this.

Oh, Dorothy is Bea Arthur. Blanche is Rue McClanahan. And somebody tattooed the Golden Girls on their legs, but in a way where it works like a Mad Magazine fold-in. The Al’ight ‘Ollar indeed.


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Sending Your Tasting Buds To Flavor Town

Posted by on Apr 17, 2014 in Existential Parachute Pants | 0 comments


Benjamin and Gerald are iced cream impresarios that often name flavors after famous people. You have your Cherry Garcias and others in that vein. If you are reading this, Ben and/or Jerry, I’ve got a flavor I want to suggest.

It’s called Nacho Man Candy Savage, name in honor of “Macho Man” Randy Savage. It is vanilla ice cream with little pieces of tortilla chips, little chocolate cowboys hats (or fringed jackets or sunglasses, I’ll let them choose), and bits of Slim Jim. You’ve got your salty, your sweet, and your impossibly greasy meatlike product. Everything an ice cream needs.

My phonelines are always open, Ben and Jerry.

Here’s Randy Savage hocking Slim Jims. Imagine these in your ice cream. Every time you eat ice cream. And know some of us are lactose intolerant and this is but a fever dream for us.


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Wherein I Am Very Much Impressed

Posted by on Apr 16, 2014 in Existential Parachute Pants | 0 comments


Are you familiar with Shania Twain’s album Come On Over? You are, let me assure you. You remember it, you remember at least a few songs, and you probably know it was successful. However, I just looked it up on the Wikipedia, and man (I feel like a woman) it was super successful. We’re talking some Cracked Rear View type shit here.

It was the number one country album in the US of A for 50 weeks. Not consecutively, but still. It was in the top 10 for 151 weeks. That’s almost three years. It became the highest selling country album ever, the highest selling album by a Canadian ever (take that, Anne Murray) and the highest selling album by a WOMAN ever. More than any Madonna album. More than any Mariah Carey album. It is reported that it sort 40 million copies worldwide. It went platinum 20 times over. The album has 16 songs, and 12 of them were released as singles. Singles were being released from 1997 until the year 2000. That is bananas.

Here’s the thing, though, as far as I am concerned. The album isn’t all that good, really. “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” and “That Don’t Impress Me Much” are songs I don’t really like. This being said, I did not decide to write this so I can just be all like “People love Come On Over, but I think they are stupid.” What I do want to say is “You’re Still the One” is a really good song. I still like that one. It’s a nice love ballad. Of course, it was also written by Twain and her then husband Mutt Lange about their relationship. Lange also produced the song, because he is a very successful producer. Then they got divorced in 2010. So that song is, you know, no longer up to date. Still sounds really good, though.


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Leslie Nielsen And David Cronenberg Intersect

Posted by on Apr 15, 2014 in Existential Parachute Pants | 0 comments


You know, sometimes Canada produces its own pop culture. Seriously. Then, sometimes, they laud themselves for it, just like they do in other countries, such as America. For example, they have their own movie award show. Of course, they only seem to have one, as opposed to the US of A, where we have about 50. In Canada, they’ve got the Genie Awards

Perusing the history of the Genies, I’ve heard of very few of these films, and very few of the actors. Canada is a whole different world, man. I used to live in Michigan too, where we got Canadian television, so I have some knowledge of Canadian culture. I’ve seen ads for Men With Brooms. I’ve seen ads for The Lighting Boutique. The latter is just a store that sells lighting fixtures, but the point is I know Canadian stuff.

Anyway, and naturally, Leslie Nielsen hosted the show twice. I bet he was pretty alright at it. He hosted in 1991 and 1992. In 1992, David Cronenberg’s Naked Lunch was the big winner. It got 11 nominations, and took a few, including Best Picture. Cronenberg also won for Dead Ringers. The Genies love Cronenberg. On the other hand, the only reason I’ve heard of Naked Lunch is because of a Simpsons joke about it. That’s not nothing, but it also isn’t based on the merits of the movie itself.

Leslie Nielsen was never on The Simpsons somehow. He did search for The Undertaker, though. And he hosted the Genie Awards. Not for nothing.


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