Existential Parachute Pants: A 90’s Pop Culture Podcast

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Existential Parachute Pants: A 90’s Pop Culture Podcast – Episode 102: The Fifth Element

Posted by on Jul 4, 2015 in Existential Parachute Pants | 0 comments


Earth, wind, fire, water, Milla Jovovich. We watched The Fifth Element. We talked The Fifth Element. You listen to us talk The Fifth Element.


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The theme song remains “Her Favorite Bra” by Dan Emery Mystery Band. Thanks for listening. Multipass.

Where Things Were, In Relation To This World

Posted by on Jul 3, 2015 in Existential Parachute Pants | 0 comments


There was a sitcom called out of this world. It aired for four seasons and 96 episodes, starting in 1987 and ending in 1991. It was about a girl who, at the age of 13, found out she was half-alien, which gave her powers. Magical powers. Why did she not find out until she is 13? Nobody knows. Nobody cares. There are a couple notable things about this show. One, Mike Scully wrote on it. He eventually wrote good Simpsons episodes and was a poor showrunner. Two, Mr. T was on an episode in the 90s. Three, there was an episode called “Would You Buy a Used Car from This Dude?” Fourth, you may be wondering how, exactly, a human lady and an alien man had a child. According to the Wikipedia, they “merged lifeforms.” GROSS.

Burt Reynolds voiced the alien. 96 episodes.


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In The Middle Of The Night…

Posted by on Jul 2, 2015 in Existential Parachute Pants | 0 comments


In the 90s, there was some show called Out All Night on the NBC. It aired 19 episodes, and, more importantly, it existed in the same universe as The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I like when shows exist in the same universe, but when one is not explicitly a spinoff. The show also took place in a nightclub, which is something of a disappointment to me. Out All Night should be a show about people being out all night. Working or whatever maybe? I think it’d be better if it was just about dudes going out all night. By dudes I mean people. Guys, ladies, it’s all good.

It’d be like Insomniac with Dave Attell, but better. Crazy thing happening at 3 in the morning. Instead, it was some sitcom about Patti LaBelle and Vivica A. Fox.


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Christmas In July

Posted by on Jul 1, 2015 in Existential Parachute Pants | 0 comments


Today is the first day of July, or, if you will, Jewel-y. In honor of Jewel, did you know she released a Christmas album in 1999? She did! Did you know it includes the song “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer?” It does! Do you know it’s terrible! You will now!


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That Made Me Forget All About Bob Balaban

Posted by on Jun 30, 2015 in Existential Parachute Pants | 0 comments


Hey, you know Bob Balaban? He’s an actor. He played Russell on Seinfeld. He’s recognizable. He’s also done a bit of directing, apparently. Including directing an episode of Strangers with Candy.

Balaban technically was a co-director of the season one episode “Jerri is Only Skin Deep.” It’s an OK episode. Not the best Strangers with Candy episode. Still, it’s funny to me that tweedy, nebbish actor Bob Balaban directed an episode of the bonkers, lewd and crude sitcom Strangers with Candy. Thomas Lennon also co-wrote a season one episode. That’s more expected.


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Evil Beats Good With Your Help

Posted by on Jun 29, 2015 in Existential Parachute Pants | 0 comments


Wacky Races is something you may or may not remember. It was a racing TV show about some racing dudes. You probably remember Dick Dastardly and Muttley. There were a bunch of other teams, though. Like Penelope Pitstop, who got her own spinoff. They also had a Wacky Races video game come out in 1992.

Now, you may have a guess of what this game was. It was a racing game, right? You played as a character, or maybe just a new character who gets to race the known characters. Maybe one-on-one, until you beat Dick Dastardly and Muttley. Maybe it was a bunch of different race tracks of increasing difficulty.

It’s actually a platform game where you play as Muttley. You go through different levels and bite people and collect bones which you can trade for bomb attacks and the ability to glide on Muttley’s tail. There are boss battles against other racers from the game. What’s weird, though, is Muttley is a villain. He’s the evil henchman of the aptly named Dick Dastardly. They always cheated, and they always lost. And yet, you play as Muttley to take on the other racers? It defies all logic. You a bad guy defeating good guys. Also, you aren’t racing cars.


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The Madness Of King Frasier

Posted by on Jun 28, 2015 in Existential Parachute Pants | 0 comments

lilith and diane

Yesterday, we dropped our podcast episode about Frasier. It’s a good, extensive conversations, with only periodic digressions by me to discuss my love of Lilith, but there is something I had wanted to bring up, but it slipped my mind.

Basically, in the later seasons of Frasier, it would seem that our characters have become mentally in. They start having all sort of hallucinations and stuff. There’s the episode with Frasier and the women of his life. One time Daphne is seeing all sort of things telling her to look in Niles’ briefcase. Or that episode with the gym teacher and the middle school girl. It’s weird. The show is just using it for laughs, a sort of “look at this wacky thing” sort of bit. However, these are alarming things to have happen to people. And I say that as somebody who loves Lilith and Diane and got to see them in one episode together!


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Existential Parachute Pants: A 90’s Pop Culture Podcast – Episode 101: Frasier

Posted by on Jun 27, 2015 in Existential Parachute Pants | 0 comments


We break off a new hundo by inviting two people, Jeff Brown and Amanda Jorda, to discuss the delightful sitcom Frasier. Just three Frasier superfans, and also Seth, chatting about Dr. Frasier Crane and his wacky collection of family and friends.

Sausage Links:

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/existential-parachute-pants/id680253940 Rate. Subscribe. Leave a comment. Learn to love us.

Twitter: @ExistentialPant, @ChrisXMorgan, and @SethMacy You can tweet at us, if that is what your little heart desires. Also, while we are at it, you can also tweet Amanda and Jeff at @AmandaJorda and @JeffMST3K.

Thanks again to Amanda and Jeff for joining us. Thank this modern era of ours that lets us watch over 200 episodes of a sitcom in the span of a few months. The theme song remains “Her Favorite Bra” by Dan Emery Mystery Band. Thanks for listening. Scrambled eggs all over my face. What is a boy to do?

I Now Pronounce You Wallaby And Turtle

Posted by on Jun 26, 2015 in Existential Parachute Pants | 0 comments


With gay marriage now a legal thing in these United States, naturally, my mind turned to try and find some sort of pop culture connection to it, because that is where my turns at all times. I know on The Drew Carey Show that Drew and Mr. Wick were married at some point, to keep Mr. Wick from being deported. The sham, staving off deportation marriage, or fake marriage, is a staple of pop culture. Then, I remembered an episode of Rocko’s Modern Life where Rocko and Filburt get married to keep Rocko from being deported.

I decided to look into this further, because I could only remember it slightly, and I wanted to make a joke on Twitter about it being the starting point for the long journey to gay marriage legalization. Alas, my memory of it was slightly skewed. Rocko and Filburt do pretend to be married, but Filburt also pretends to be a lady named Ophelia. Or, a lady turtle, at least. This episode definitely was the seed from which the quest for marriage between wallabies and turtles began.

Oh, also, of course, this was only half an episode, because Rocko’s Modern Life was an old school kid’s show where they had two shorter stories in one episode. The first half was “Hut Sut Raw” which is a weird episode about camping. I mean, pretty much every episode of Rocko was weird, and usually not appropriate for young children. The other episode, the one in question, is called “Kiss Me, I’m Foreign.”

I like the Wacky Delly episode. Oh, and I made the joke on Twitter anyway. Nobody will call me out on it. Unless they read this.


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Break On Through To The Other Side

Posted by on Jun 25, 2015 in Existential Parachute Pants | 0 comments


Ya’ll know me. Know how I make a livin’. Know that I have an affinity for the ridiculousness of the MTV Movie Awards. I decided to look up the winners of Best Breakthrough Performance to see how they hit, and how they missed, in the 90s.

1992: Eddie Furlong for T2. Big miss. He was bad in that movie, and he’s had no career. However, 1992 was not an impressive year. Anna Chlumsky is probably the top name of the group, and she took off acting for, like, a decade. She’s great on Veep though. Ice T was also a nominee.

1993: Maria Tomei for My Cousin Vinny. She’s a real good actress. I don’t know if she’s a “star” or anything, though. She gots an Oscar, though. However, she was up against Halle Berry. There’s your winner

1994: Alicia Silverstone for The Crush. I’ll accept this, because this was pre-Clueless, so they get credit for that. Also, this was a shitty year.

1995: Kirsten Dunst for Interview with a Vampire. Solid call. She’s had a nice career, and was in the Spider-Man movies, but this was an impressive year. We’re talking Cameron Diaz and Hugh Grant. Cam Diaz, yo.

1996: George Clooney for From Dusk ’til Dawn. Big hit. Huge hit. Out of the park.

1997: Matthew McConaughey for A Time to Kill. They were on him before his McConaissance, or EdTV. Ewen McGregor and Renee Zellweger were also nominees. Strong year, but I say they got it right.

1998: Heather Graham for Boogie Nights. Heather Graham is so good in Boogie Nights. Also, she was a big star for a while. However, J Lo was also a nominee this year, and Heather Graham is no J Lo. Also, the teens and tweens who watch MTV should not have been watching Boogie Nights. That’s for adults, dudes.

1999: This year is bullshit, because they broke it up into Male and Female, so we got James Van Der Beek for Varsity Blues and Katie Holmes for Disturbing Behavior. Both do not stand the test of time. Vandy beat out Chris Rock, who is a hilarious dude. Holmes beat my two favorite actresses, Cate Blanchett and Rachael Leigh Cook. You think I’m joking. I am not.


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