F-List 22: Deuce Deuce Dooks


Get ready for some fun, because the F-List Podcast is here to hollow out your insides with laughter. Featuring an all-star cast of titans of hilarity, this week’s movie is Wizard of the Demon Sword, a movie about a wizard and a sword and some dude and his lady friend Talk about action and adventure, this movie will make you question your belief in everything.

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  1. My oh my how the last few episodes have sucked. What perplexes me is that you guys talk about the problems you have on the show (ie structure, staying on topic, dead air. etc) yet nothing is done to improve it. Last few episodes you talked about the actual film you’re supossed to be reviewing for an average of 12 mins per ep. You guys will have good zing or 2 but you kill it by running it into the ground. Hate being a hater but I used to love this podcast. Maybe it’s time to switch formats. The low budget premise ain’t working, the movies give you no material other than “Oh I hate this movie so much, it’s so long,” To fix that, pick movies like “The Last Airbender, Splice, Skyline, Gilgli” big budget films have to potential to be horrible as well, and easier to poke fun. You want those 100 + fans and you want more letters, from people other than the cast of the ballscast, then you guys gotta bring the funny. Check out “How Did This Get Made” same premise as your show but……..

    • We only pick movies that are available to stream on Netflix.

  2. A comment? Hurray!

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