F-List 29: Avaturd

SucksThis big budget Hollywood crapfest stars a bunch of people you’ve never heard of in a film directed, written, and produced by the crappiest director since George Lucas, M. Night Shaymalan. Lend us your ears and we’ll bend your MINDS.

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  1. Hey now, It’s your boy Oscar Santana aka “The Prince of Podcasting” (credits include: Mike O’meara Show, Big O and Dukes and Tech411, all top 100 in respective catagories). Look you guys are trying that’s obvious, I commend you for it. Last Airbender was a perfect choice for a crap film. Kudos for the pick.. though I think I read some poster recommend it but I digress. Good to see you going beyond Troma films and other Pieces of crap that are too easy. With all that said I enjoyed some of your shows and I realize humor is subjective. You learn this having 2 podcast constantly ranked in ITunes comedy section. Problem is you guys have a decent host.. Seth (I believe his name is) a,nd Jeff, is very funny. However you have 2 cast mates that bring the show to a screeching halt. Adam.. Jeebus I can’t understand him half the time, he mumbles to no end. And if I do make out any of his comments they never result in laughter. The other guy D-Lish?? Whatever the spelling, also has the most dull monotone voice that would be funny if coupled with dry humor. Nope just a corny man with a dull voice. *yawn* I imagine him be a chubby lethargic 30 something chap…. about right? thought so. Take this from the P.O.P gentleman. We got sponsorships and all that over here. Holla at me if you guys want some tips. Maybe Mangrates ,another company I’m involved with, will be able to throw you a bone if you step your game up.

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