F-List Podcast 32: Scott Bromley Talks H.O.T.S.

Holy crap, this week’s show is good. So good, it’s nearly twice as long as other, lesser episodes. The Internet’s Scott Bromley stops by to talk about everything: The Price is Right, animation school, natural childbirth, The Comedy Button, and of course, this week’s movie pick, 1979’s “H.O.T.S.,” a movie about lady parts and not much else. Put this episode inside of your ears and savor the Bromley flavor. When you’re done having a listen, why not donate to Scott’s Kickstarter for his upcoming podcast, The Comedy Button? You’ll feel better about yourself.

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  1. I donated some cash, hop on and be as cool as me. Pay attention to me guys, I donated, really, can hang out with the big kids now? Oh, helping someone cool doesn’t make me cool? Oh…

  2. We had a church in Kelowna called the First United Church of Kelowna

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