F-List Summerpalooza Blow-Out

Two episodes in one! In an attempt to try and bring the release date back to Wednesday/Thursday, I’ve gone ahead and smashed two episodes into one giant episode. It’s a Mac & Me/Street Fighter bonanza of fantastic magical mirth and merriment. There’s even a surprise during the second half. What are you waiting for? Get listening.

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  1. It’s adorable how my critique struck a nerve with yous guyz. And apparently you took heed to my words. Much more structured on you movie breakdowns and actually thoroughly explained the plot of Mac and Me, which was a PERFECT pic for your show. Look guys just trying to look out for the cook out. You may take it as “hate” as over played as that term may be. But it’s not. I’m sure plenty of folks (all 32…ok that was mean) enjoy your riffs and I do too sometimes. Just trying to get you tighten up so your audience grows.

  2. And may I add. GREAT PICK FOR NEXT WEEK Lish!!! Street Fighter, Mac and Me are the exact type films you guys should be slaying. Fine work!!!

  3. Excited I won the NES game!

  4. Double show! Fantastic!! Why are all things double so much better – twin sisters, double rainbows, double anal, the list goes on.

    I’m truly gutted that I didn’t win the prize binanza – I was no 99 on Facebook, have not submitted a single comment or review before, nor sent any tweets to the team but I still somehow feel deserving of the booty.

    Pip Pip!

  5. You fellows always choose low budget, schlocky, jokey movies which I adore and would want you to change but for a challenge, can I suggest the Julia Roberts abomination ‘Something To Talk About’. I got dragged to this by my ex and it remains the only movie I’ve ever walked out of. Its so fucking boring, I want Julia Roberts to suffer as a result.

    Alternatuvely, a seriously bollocks film is The Spirit. The only reason I didn’t walk out was that I fell asleep. When I awoke, the hero was on an operating table and Samuel L Jackson was making an incoherent speech while dressed as a nazi. Really, reallym shite!

    Pip pip

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