Fame and Fortune Await

My oh my, it seems like this little site has gotten some popularity in the two months since it relaunched. I’d like to say that it has something to do with my clever and thoughtful writing, but I haven’t written anything in two weeks. Why is that, you wonder? Because I’m busy, that’s why. So I’m asking if anyone out there is interested in being a contributer to the site’s written side of things. Do you like movies? They don’t necessarily have to be on Netflix streaming, there is actually a section of the site called “Spoiler Alert” that deals with movies both in the theater and recently released on DVD. If you’d like to write for absolutely no money whatsoever, go ahead and gather up your best samples and send them to flist@flistpodcast.com with the subject line “I love the taste of my own ink.” Again, I need to stress that you won’t get paid (so you’ll be even with the rest of us) and you won’t get any ancillary benefits from this gig, because there aren’t any. The only thing you’ll get is the satisfaction of seeing your work on a third-tier movie/gaming podcast site that is constantly on the up and up. If you get in on the ground floor, maybe in five years the site will be mega popular and you can sue me like the Winkelvoss twins for millions of dollars. Here’s what I’m looking for:

Movie writer: Someone who likes films, makes humorous observations about the films, and has a strong set of opinions about basically everything. You MUST have seen “Teenape Goes to Camp” at least once.

Videogame writer: Videogames are fun and also, cool, and I don’t care if you’ve played last week’s new release or some gem from the NES era, if you can write something funny about videogames, we here at The F-List want to make you a star.

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