Manually Add “The F-List” to Your iTunes

Submitting this podcast to iTunes is, and always has been, a maddening affair that usually ends in heartbreak. I resubmitted it after failing to properly dot my “i”s and cross my “t”s, and now we play the waiting game. But hold up, waiting sucks. This is 2011, no one waits for anything anymore. Do you want to watch the Star Wars Holiday Special? Well, you no longer have to go to a Con and buy it from some shady bootleg dealer, you can go to youtube and watch it RIGHT NOW. That, my friends, is progress, so while we all wait for iTunes to (hopefully) approve this monumentally wonderful podcast, eschew waiting and add it yourself. Here’s how:

In iTunes, choose Advanced –>Subscribe to Podcast…

Then enter the podcast RSS feed into the URL field:

and voila! Each week, the meaty goodness of The F-List will be delivered to your iPod whether or not iTunes actually approves it.

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