More Fabulous Prizes!

We’re really excited about how much the F-List has grown in the 2 and a half months since we re-launched it, and as much as we love each and every one of you, it just isn’t good enough. No offense, we all think you’re special snowflakes, but we thirst for more. At least two of us are admitted narcissists, and to us, attention is the greatest high. So won’t you help fill our bent spoons with the black tar of recognition?

We realize that it would be dumb to just ask you guys to do all the work without any sort of incentive. Maybe “feeling nice,” but that’s dumb and for hippies. So to incentivize the spread of The F-List, we’re offering up a fabulous prize pack, the likes of which will blow your mind. All you need to do is “like” the F-List on Facebook. Just follow that link. It’s that simple. Once that page gets up to 100 “likes,” we’ll put all of your names into a hat and draw out one lucky winner of the F-LIST PRIZE PACK. Did I mention the prize pack grows each week? I didn’t? Well, fuck. Did I seamlessly¬†transition¬†from using “we” to “I?” No? Well, fuck it, who cares? HERE IS THE PRIZE LIST SO FAR!

Championship Bowling for the Nintendo Entertainment System

Six cans of Moxie soda (a taste of Maine!)

Thirty original, first series Garbage Pail Kids stickers

…and more! So make certain you join that page and invite your friends. It’s going to be totally awesome.

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  1. And how exactly do you propose to send the cans of soda to Norway?

    Just because I live somewhere really cold doesn’t mean I’m stupid, you know.

    Yeah, yeah, I liked you. Send me the stickers.

    • We’ll just flatten an empty can and send it should you win.

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