Return of the Mack(s)

Some of you might remember the F-List Podcast as being the internet’s number one resource for drunk people talking about shitty movies. Others might just be discovering the wonder that is The F-List Podcast. Whether you’re new to the site or an old fan, please make yourself comfortable and brace yourselves for the return of the F-List. COMING SOON!

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  1. Get some banner ads up here right from the beginning.

    • This is some quality advice right here.

  2. I’ve been watching nothing but big-budget hollywood flicks for months. I may need hospitalization if I don’t get some bad movies stat.

    • I just saw Run! Bitch Run! which is about as D-Movie as you can get. Plot synopsis: 2 Catholic schoolgirls try to sell bibles in a hick town, and get accosted by a gang of redneck pimps. Warning: this movie contains some mature floppy bare breasts.

      I followed that up with Penelope starring Christina Ricci with a pig nose prosthetic.

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