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If there is any fanbase that should be used to cast changes, it’s the MST3K fanbase. Over the years the show has had 3 hosts, 3 Tom Servos, 3 Crow T Robots, multiple mad scientist and second banana sidekicks.

Now it seems that Gizmonic Institute Radio is going to follow in the footsteps of MST3K. Here is a short message from one of the hosts of GIR, Seth:


Hi everyone, it’s me, Seth. You might remember me from space. Well I have some sudden and unfortunate news, I’m afraid, and it doesn’t have to do with sandwiches or clam juice or even tiny screws. I’m taking a break from the confines of space.In fact I have to break the fourth wall and be the actual, human being Seth and not the space character I’ve been playing all along (who’s a secret a lizard person by the way).

When we started this show I had a normal, 40 hour a week job with plenty of fresh, free time to record podcasts and kick it with my online buds. Since then, I’ve taken on more work, and changed jobs twice, and now I work literally seven days a week doing freelance and contract work for a major website, from writing to behind the scenes stuff. And on top of that, I still have a regular job that’s suddenly in a bit of disarray and I’m trying to figure out how the future is going to play out with that, my primary source of income. This isn’t a new development, I’ve been struggling to find time to record for a while now, and occasional show delays were largely my fault. I finally broke the sad news to Jeff that I just can’t fit podcasting into my life right now. I’ve already given up a podcast you never heard of and the other project to which I’m attached is winding down and only has a few remaining episodes. Things are in flux right now, but there are a few potential bright spots at the end of the tunnel where my life will settle down and I can assume my former place as a podcast companion with two of my honest-to-God best friends, Jeff and Matt.

I don’t know when that time will be, but I hope it’s sooner rather than later because when we record, we actually only spend about 25% of the allotted time making the show and the other 75% is spent talking and joking and enjoying ourselves as friends and not just cast members. The show is in excellent hands between Jeff, Renea and Matt, and I really appreciate each and everyone whose name I’ve said during the letter reading segments, and everyone on the Facebook page and those of you who take a more passive route with our show. It feels awesome and I look forward to a bright and sunny future with all of us dancing together under the light of the moon.



After 5+ years of being a part of GIR, it’s hard to say a (temporary) goodbye to one of our founding hosts, but we know how hard of a decision this was and we and we all support Seth 100%. Hopefully at some point when things settle down, he will be able to return – there will always be a spot at the recording table open for him!

So what’s going to happen to the Gizmonic Institute Radio and Doctor Odd’s Cinematic Fun Dumpster? Well, the short answer is, nothing! We will still continue to do two episodes a month, and an episode of Dr. Odd’s Cinematic Fun Dumpster for our Patreon backers. “Well what is this show now? Just Jeff talking to himself and slowly going crazy in space?” you’re probably asking yourself. To that I reply “No! That would be a horrible show idea that no one would like!” Instead, allow me to introduce you to our newest cast member, Renea:


You may remember Renea from episode 50 of this show, where she played our space neighbor who was the victim of an even more insidious experiment than ours! Aside from being a lifelong MST3K fan, Renea is also a very talented improv comedian, artist, writer and musician. She is one of the writers/performers for the MST3K-style bad movie riffing live show, Columbian Sci-Fi Cinema, is the keyboard player in the KS indie rock band Funtabi, and was recently featured on The No Sleep Podcast as a writer. She was also Seth, Matt and Jeff’s first choice for a replacement cast member, and we’re very grateful that she agreed to join the show! Her first episode will drop tonight (Episode 54 – City Limits) and for Patreon backers, this month’s Doctor Odd’s Cinematic Fun Dumpster. Give her a friendly GIR community welcome!

That’s all for now – once again, we here at Gizmonic Institute Radio wish Seth the best, and are excited to continue making our wonderful, crazy, MST3K podcast with a slightly different lineup!

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