The F-List Episode 24: FFFF

Ferocious Female Freedom Fighters is a Troma movie. There are only two kinds of Troma movies: very enjoyable ones or insufferable ones. I’ll leave it up to you to decide, but surprises are plentiful in this week’s episode. Grab some.

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  1. 1 hour podcast but 22 minutes spent on the movie…….. much like Seth’s inabilty to complete the movie, I could not finish this show. Damn shame used to look forward to new eps

    • Too bad, the part you missed was all about filmography.

    • we had a special segment just for you walrus

  2. Just leaving you guys a comment like I said I would. I hope I end up winning the prizes. Just keep on talking about whatever you guys want to talk about, I enjoy it.

  3. Great episode as always, you guys always leave me laughing. This is what I come to the F-List for, not serious talk about the merits of the films. Keep it up and congrats on 100 likes!

  4. I think we called the segment coo coo ka fuck you!

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