The F-List Episode 35: Not Associated With Big O and Dukes…YET?!?

It’s been quite some time since we recorded this episode. So long, in fact, that I nearly forgot what movie we were talking about. Thankfully, I was able to remember it and speak of it fondly here. Ah yes, Octane, the movie that tricks you into thinking it’s a British version of “The Fast and the Furious,” but really it’s a boring version of flies on poop. Lots of My Horse talk this week, so download the game for your iOS device today, because it’s perfect in every way. Also, for some odd reason, I’ve been rendering these at a really high bitrate, so if you see the file size and you get excited thinking it’s a long show, sorry to say it, but it ain’t. It’s normal in length, but the girth is set to full-on pleasurable.

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  1. Hey now!!! It’s your boy Oscar Santana returning from a road trip with the rest of the cast of the Mike O’Meara show. Mike is actually from Maine interesting enough and we are planning a trip there in December. Hopefully we can work something out that I can guest panel on the F List. BTW have you guys checked out “The Regulars” pilot yet? well til next week Caio Caio..

  2. BTW which one of you do I wish ill will to for suggesting “Your Highness”? That movie was so lame…….. and to think you praised it above Pineapple Express? C’mon bro….

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