The F-List Movie Podcast: Episode One

This movie will give you eye AIDSWe’ve got the brand new flava for your ear. Yes, after months and months of not putting out a new podcast, we not only put out a new podcast, but we got special guest Scott Sharkey of the INTERNET to join us in our premier relaunch-episode. So look past the first-show audio problems, the crusty edits, and the drunken shenanigans of Da Lysh, because this marks the beginning of something amazing and beautiful and fucking wonderful. We proudly present… The F-List: Assignment Blood Gnome.

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  1. KFDM is awesome

  2. In reference to Tall Grass Ale, beer is, more or less, made from fermented grass, since grains are grasses. Jeff your dad is a botanist. I’m disappointed.

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