The F-List Presents: Death Racers

Adam couldn’t join us this week, which is a shame, because we talk about Death Racers, the 2008 Asylum picture that gave ICP some much needed on-screen credibility. A confusing crap fest, Death Racers is like getting a GoBot for Christmas when you really wanted a Transformer.

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One Comment

  1. This move is fucking shite.

    I saw this listed on Zone Horror (a UK satellite channel) a couple of years ago and got a little excited because I have fond memories of being deeply disturbed by Death Race 2000 as a yound Dr DR and was eagerly anticipating the awesome Statham vehice (geddit) Death Race.

    I had no idead ICP were in it but that goes some way to explaining the sheer putridity (if thats a word) of the movie.

    I hate you Asylum pictures.

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