The G-Roll: Cheap Knock Off Edition feat. Matt Clark

Matt Clark is back in town to show all you fools what it means to be a man. Don’t be fooled by imitators: there’s only one Matt Clark. And Matt Clark means business. Funny business? Perhaps. This week’s show is all about Chop Kick Panda and a bonus crappy CGI Garfield movie. Not the crappy CGI Garfield movie with Jennifer Love Hewitt, but an equally crappy one that is entirely CGI. Look, just because computers exist doesn’t mean Garfield and Nermal need to be rendered on one or more workstations. All that electricity could have been used to power the entirety of North Korea. Have you seen a satellite map of that country at night? They could seriously use the electricity. Nice job, makers of the crappy Garfield movie we watched. You people are monsters.

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One Comment

  1. Hey Now!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s your boy Oscar Santana. Awe…….. I don’t hate you guys. I just want you to get better, more iTunes reviews, more subscribers, more traffic to your site. The Prince of Podcasting wants to see you shine fellas. BTW have seen the pilot yet?

    P.S. Your Highness was HORRIBLE son

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