Sorry for the delay


Hey super fans!

You may have noticed that our great return to the podcasting world is already taking on old habits like random records and releases. Several factors have contributed to this episodes delay. PAX East being one, and a tragedy on the island being another. As I’m sure you all know it’s tiny out there, so when something happens it affects all of us.

Thanks for your patience. I promise we’ll get to talking about the masterpiece known as “Rubber” soon.

-The F-list Crew


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We’re Back!


Untitled-1The F-List is back! Oh what surprises we have in store for you! Oh what new and exciting features we’ve added! Oh what else has Lysh shoved his manhood into? All this and more on the welcome back episode!

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Second Annual Bad Movie Olympics: May the Best (worst) Movie Win!



I’m not even going to waste your time writing words here because you should really just go and listen to this podcast, the 2013 Bad Movie Olympics. It’s the conglomeration of the comedy that goes into the Terrible Friends Podcast and the F-List Bad Movie Podcast, and is hosted by Matt Clark from Gizmonic Institutes Radio ( and who is also an awesome guy). I don’t really have much else to say other than if you love any of the things I just listed, OR you love the concept of 7 dudes arguing about which one of their bad movies is the best worst bad movie based on a series of arbitrarily selected categories, then THIS IS FOR YOU. ENJOY SUCKAZ.

Look for more NEW episodes of the F-List, Gizmonic Institutes Radio, Jake’s new show 2 Guys 1 Screen, and Matt and Jeff’s new show Video Games coming in the next few weeks!

Thanks for listening!

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Second Annual Bad Movie Olympics: Opening Ceremonies



The sound of the fanfare, the roar of the crowd, the fervor and sportsmanship exhibited by only the world’s finest athletes – you will find none of that here. This is the second annual bad movie Olympics, which is just seven dudes sitting around, seeing which can pick the worst movie. Or the most awesomely bad movie. Or the best worst movie. We’re not really sure.

Either way, this is the opening ceremonies where we all announce which movies we’re entering into the fray. Stay tuned – next week will pit movie against movie in a battle to see which wins the most points in arbitrarily selected categories like “Best Pimp Robot” and “The Swing Swing By The All-American Rejects Award For Best Soundtrack”.


It’s great! It’s hilarious! Don’t miss it!


Oh! I almost forgot – here are the links to (most of) the movies!




the stabalizer

The Stabalizer






The Hottie and the Nottie



Footlose (Netflix streaming)


sex galaxy

Sex Galaxy (Netflix streaming)



C.H.U.D. II – Bud the C.H.U.D. (Good luck finding this… film.)


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An Extra Special F-List!


This here is what we like to call a “short”. Yep, it’s a short episode. I guess you could call it a bonus episode or something, but I like to call it a short. Not the kind of short that you put on in summer, but short as in that little man you know who thinks he’s tough and has a big truck and a lot of gold and stuff.

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The F-List New Years Special!


So we switched servers, lost a bunch of crap, pooped our pants a little, and watched as Seth actually handed over the power to do EVERYTHING to Adam and Jeff. Anyhow, we took all the movies we watched in 2012 and put them up against each other to find out what the best worst movie of the year was! Listen in kiddos, this is for real!

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