Episode 143 – It’s Your Seabiscuit!

Jake is out this week, but you wouldn’t know it based on the sheer number of top notch Jake impressions flying around the room. Jeff and Rich are joined by their friend Adam to talk Blizzards, used needles, track uniforms, wood varnish, and a lot of the other usual topics you would expect us to cover over the course of an episode.

While you’re listening to this week’s ep, you should head over to Adam’s design website and check out some of his awesome artwork. Because not only is he hilarious, but a gosh darn good artist to boot.

Next week we’re doing our third annual HOLIDAY SPECTACULAR episode, complete with the annoying sleigh bells (not the band) that you’re used to year after year. If you need help getting in the holiday spirit before or (more likely) after the show, you should head over to our t-shirt store and pick up an awesome Terrible Friends “I’m Kind of a Bigger Guy” shirt for a loved one.

There’s always our Facebook, Twitter, and iTunes page if you feel like sneaking in our chimney and leaving a review.

Thanks for listening!

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