I Wrote A Novel And I Would Like You To Purchase It


Hi there. If I am posting on the Existential Parachute Pants blog, you know something is afoot. In this instance, I have something to promote. That thing is a novel.

The novel is entitled The Ash Heap of History. I like to call it a somewhat comedic detective novel, because that what it is. It’s about a private eye and it has a mystery element, but it’s more about the characters and stuff, and also a lot of it is about pop culture. I am sure this is shocking coming from a man who had a podcast and blog dedicated to ’90s pop culture (although this book takes place in the early ’80s).

You can currently pre-order an ebook version of The Ash Heap of History. If you do so, it will cost you a mere 99 cents. That is, as they say, pocket change, and for that you can get what I think is a rather good book. So if you are interested in pre-ordering The Ash Heap of History, and I hope you are, you can find more information here:


That link will also take you to several places where you can pre-order the book. Thank you for your time. And always remember, we built this city on rock and roll.

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