Second Annual Bad Movie Olympics: Opening Ceremonies


The sound of the fanfare, the roar of the crowd, the fervor and sportsmanship exhibited by only the world’s finest athletes – you will find none of that here. This is the second annual bad movie Olympics, which is just seven dudes sitting around, seeing which can pick the worst movie. Or the most awesomely bad movie. Or the best worst movie. We’re not really sure.

Either way, this is the opening ceremonies where we all announce which movies we’re entering into the fray. Stay tuned – next week will pit movie against movie in a battle to see which wins the most points in arbitrarily selected categories like “Best Pimp Robot” and “The Swing Swing By The All-American Rejects Award For Best Soundtrack”.


It’s great! It’s hilarious! Don’t miss it!


Oh! I almost forgot – here are the links to (most of) the movies!




the stabalizer

The Stabalizer






The Hottie and the Nottie



Footlose (Netflix streaming)


sex galaxy

Sex Galaxy (Netflix streaming)



C.H.U.D. II – Bud the C.H.U.D. (Good luck finding this… film.)


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