Two Very Important and Significant TV Scripts

I will keep the preamble short and get right to the heat of the meat. In the Simpsons episode “Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part Two)” the action begins with Smithers having a dream wherein he and Mr. Burns star in a show called Speedway Squad! where they are undercover detective on the hot rod circuit in 1965. I decided to write a pilot for Speedway Squad! because I thought it would be fun, and also because maybe some people out there are weird like me and would enjoy it. However, it’s really more of a “pilot” for the show. It’s something of a parody of ’80s action TV shows, and I even wrote it sort of “in character” as the kind of person I imagined would write a show like this in the ’80s. If you want to give it a read, you can check it out right here.

If that doesn’t quench your thirst for weird TV script projects, I also decided to write a F Troop spec script. F Troop was a show that aired from 1965 until 1967. I remembered it from Nick at Nite, even though its stay on their lineup was short. Again, this isn’t really a “spec script” of F Troop, and not just because I decided to set it in modern times. It takes the traditional plotting of an F Troop episode to its extremes. You can read it here.

If you like either, or both, of those scripts and want to let me know, my Twitter handle is @ChrisXMorgan. I’ve also written several more serious pilots, of course, and I also have a novel coming out in May. So there’s other stuff you could read if you want, if reading about a fake show that features Leonard Nimoy as a character called “Wingnut” only leave you watching more. (Leonard Nimoy as Wingnut actually was in the original script by Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein, but got cut for time. I was told this by Mr. Oakley himself, who has actually read this Speedway Squad! script and seemed to quite enjoy it. He even gave me some notes. Yes, I’ve done notes-based edits to this supremely goofy script. I am a crazy person.)

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